Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into your jawbone to hold a replacement tooth, bridge, or denture. Dental implants not only help preserve your bone structure, but they also look, feel, and function most like your natural teeth.

Replacing your missing teeth and attaining the Smile you’ve always wanted is  possible, and Dental implants are frequently the best treatment option available.



Statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth due to an accident, gum disease, a broken tooth, or tooth decay.  

By age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth!


Teeth Replacement is not only important to look and feel better, but is extremely important to restore your ability to Eat Properly, Speak Clearly, and Smile Confidently!

When a tooth is not replaced, the remaining teeth can drift out of position and change the bite. This can lead to problems affecting your Temporal Mandibular Joint, cavities, gum disease, difficulty with chewing and eating resulting in medical problems affecting your stomach and overall  digestive system.   

In addition, multiple missing teeth can result in drastic facial changes where the  face  collapses in appearance , the lips become  thin and flattened, the chin moves forward and upward and appears pointed.  The mouth looses its shape, and cheek pouches become pronounced on either side of the lower jaw sometimes forming cracks or sores at the corners of the mouth.


Dr. Garcia will help restore the Confidence in you by permanently replacing your missing teeth and giving you the Smile you've always wanted!  Dr. Garcia will consider your unique wants and needs depending on your individual circumstances, to help you to receive the BEST option available in replacing any missing teeth.

 Mini Implants




Mini Implant Retained Denture

 If you are dealing with loose fitting dentures…

 Ask Dr. Garcia about Mini implants. Mini Implants

 are ideal to retain and secure loose fitting dentures

 and help provide the stability you need to

 eat, speak, and smile with confidence!