At Garcia Dental Care, our goal is to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always desired.  Dr. Garcia utilizes the best in dental technology and most effective techniques in order to offer you the best treatment available.  Our office offers a full range of Orthodontic services for patients of all ages.  Dr. Garcia has over 20 Years of Experience in Placing BRACES and ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES, to  Straighten teeth, correct jaw positions, bites, widen narrow palates, and treat patients with harmful habits such as thumb sucking, which not only affects teeth but also affects ones speech , proper airway function,   TMJ and facial development.   Dr. Garcia takes pride in the number of patients he has helped by giving them a

Beautiful & Confident, Dazzling Smile!  


Why Braces???

There are many reasons to consider orthodontic treatment, such as Spacing or wide gaps between teeth or Crowded Teeth, which are hard to clean and maintain, resulting in tooth decay or gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

You may want to consider Braces to correct Malocclusions including...Overbites...Underbites….Crossbites...and Open Bites, all which can contribute to abnormal wear of your teeth , resulting in Temporal Mandibular Joint disorders  and gum disease, improper chewing functions , chronic headaches, face or neck pain.

Patients who have underbites are at RISK  of developing Ovstructive Sleep Apnea ~ OSA 

Getting your desired Smile with BRACES is more attainable than you may think.  At Garcia Dental, we offer affordable monthly payment plans to help you attain the Beautiful Smile you’ve always wanted! 


454-8148 The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your first Orthodontic visit be by age 7.  It is at this age that the 1st Molars have come in and the front bite and tooth positions are being established.  Treatment time can range from 6 to 36 months depending on each individual’s unique circumstances. 

Schedule your FREE Orthodontic Consultation today and received the BEST Orthodontic Treatment with Dr. Garcia.    

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