Teeth Cleanings & Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry ~ Examinations and Teeth Cleanings,  are a very important role in your dental care. Untreated problems with your teeth or gums can lead to more involved dental problems or other health issues; Therefore, maintaining regular visits are vital for early detection of gum disease and decay.  Dr. Garcia and your Dental Hygiene Specialist will recommend a hygiene regimen and schedule that best fits your overall dental health care needs. Our recommendations are intended to help you achieve a Healthy and Happy Smile !

Oral Cancer Screenings 

Dr. Garcia performs oral cancer screenings on all his patients in conjunction with  your routine dental examination. Any suspicious growths or concerns will be  biopsied and sent to a Certified Laboratory for proper testing and diagnosis.  Early detection of signs and symptoms of oral cancer can increases chances of survival rate.